WR450F Speedo Adaptor

I am going to buy a set of supermoto wheels for my 2005 wr450F.

Do i need an adaptor for my cable speedo as the supermoto wheel is 17" & the standard enduro wheel is 21", do i need this for the speedo to work & not give a false reading.

Any advise would be very helpfull.



Yes your speedo will not give you an accurate reading of your speed. It will read about 15-25 km faster then actual.

I do not know of any adapters that you could do with your current speedometer. Most people go to an aftermarket speed that uses a magnet with a sensor, and allows you to program your wheel diameter in.

you might well find one of the other yamaha models (with 17" wheels) has a drive that will fit ....then look on ebay for someone parting out that bike

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