XR650R Dual Sport Key Switch

Trying to wire up a key switch but don't have schematics avaiable. I figure the 2 pole switch connects with the kill button but I can't figure where it would be best to splice and what color the wire is. I believe a kill button goes directly to ground? BD dual sport kit.

to make sure what wires get interruped or connected by the kill switch, get a voltmeter and figure and double check, but based on the Baja Designs wiring, the kill connects to green/yellow and black/white from the stock bike.

I've decided against a key since it's so darn obvious how to bypass it. I'm installing a hidden kill switch somewhere out of sight under the tank maybe, but ultimately I will have to rely on a fat lock and the inability of the thief to kick start this thing. The only time I will have it parked in public is when I am riding it to work, and there will be a lot of nicer bikes next to mine to steal first :thumbsup:


I have a BD DSK. I just installed a keyed switch on mine. It was part of a combo speedo/switch assembly, though I'm not sure who sells them as I bought it still in the box from the guy I bought the bike from. The wiring is quite simple. There are 2 wires from the stock harness that are connected to the DSK harness. They are readily identified-one is black with white stripe, the other is green from the stock harness. These leads are connected to the DSK to provie the kill switch function. Simply splice your new key switch into these leads (doesn't matter which on goes where) and you're done. My switch came with a couple Y connectors so you don't have to do any splicing. If you don't want to splice you can simply disconnect these wires from your DSK & connect the wires to your key switch. This will disable the kill switch funtion of your DSK-the bike can only be shut off with the key switch. The reason I wired mine so both work is to make it more confusing for would be theives as you have to have both switches on to start the bike. Good luck!

BD sells a key switch that wires right into the kill circut.works great ,but you still have to turn your main power on/off on the l.side control ....

there is a guy on ebay that sells a kit and has some pics up as well

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