Fork problem

I am new here and was wondering if anyone has been issues like me. I have a 2006 yzf450 and the seals leaked right off the bat. I changed them out with K&S brand= leaked first ride. I then tried MSR bran tuesday night, rode wed nite=leaked...I am at my witts end!

What is up with this????


check the fork leg for damage may have a ding it it cutting the seal

Are you sure that you are replacing the seals correctly?

No problems on mine still on 1st set of fork seals :thumbsup:

I've been riding Yamahas since 1998 and have yet to have a leaking fork seal. I would do what the other guy said and make sure the fork leg isn't damaged.

If they still continue to leak try replacing them with oem seals.My suspension guys says that they are the best ones made.Make sure to inspect fork tubes for damage and install a set of seal savers on your bike.

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