XR650L gas tanks

Does anyone know how good the 6 gallon Acerbis gas tanks works on the L ,I have the 4.7 Clake and need some more range for the west part of the TAT

Didn't know they made a 6. I have the 5. It was a tight fit, had to move the blinkers. It's hard to use the fork lock now too but the extra range is worth it.

How many miles can you get from a tankfull? Road riding, XR650R

Stock tank?

4.7 tank?

5 tank?

6 tank?


is the 6 gal really a 6 gal

I have the Acerbis tank. I can put in 22.5L of gas. I have a range of 319KM at about 40mpg. This is the best mod that I have done to my bike. You just can't beat having long range between gas fill ups. The tank fits the bike perfectly, although it was very hard to get on the bike the first time. Your handlebars will slightly hit the tank when using the fork locks, but its plastic so no problem. You will have to move your signal lights up from the stock two bolt mounting to using just one bolt. One bolt is ample to hold them.

thanks well that is 5.94 gallons, I have read ,some where only getting 5.25 gallons (19.8 L ) thanks for the info

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