Michelin S-12 or M-12 front?

I just got a new S-12 rear and saw some people run the M-12 front with the m-12 rear.

Going to sloppy stony so whats the set up?

I am going to get a tire in about 2-3 hrs so cough it up!

You can't go wrong with either one, but be cautious with the S-12 front they don't have as stiff of a sidewall as the M-12 and tend to get pinch flats easily. I'd say go with the M-12 front S-12 rear.

Ditto you can't go wrong with either one. I run S12's front and rear.

I got an M-12.

Thanks guys!


Aw Man, you should have got an S 12!!(HaHa)


no way, the M12 lasts heaps longer than a S12 rear, and it looks beastly too!

S-12 for sure!!! :)

S-12 ALL THE WAY!!!!!

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