Just crashed... need some help!

Well i just had a pretty bad fall on my bike and now it is injured :thumbsup:

i got new handlebars, brake levers, and had to realign my front end!

well my rear brake lever went through the clutch/engine cover..

so i need a new cover as well as this allen head bolt that looks like it has a bearing on it... going through the rear brake master cylinder..

well if anyone has these parts please let me know asap... i checked ebay and no luck... just curious if someone could help me

PM me and i can send payment within the hour probably!

Thanks a bunch!

oh yea,,,

2004 YZ450F

GYTR parts from your dealer would do the trick.

yeah but they are too expensive like 80$ for a cover and i forget for the bolt..

Look at the TT OEM section, they have awesome prices, and TT does awesome business.

Glad to hear you were not hurt! I was not so lucky...I have not rode for three months now. Good thing is, my bike is fine. LOL :thumbsup:

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