Clutch mod question 04 650r


I'm in the process of installing the extra clutch plate but am unsure whether it goes under the judder spring/collar or on top of them.


I believe it is under it. The extra plate merely works as a spacer. I have owned 2 XR650Rs and have found the stock clutch to easily go out of spec and slip. I am going to try this mod myself when I remove my Rekluse auto clutch next time the clutch starts slipping.

under, the only distraction is that when engaging the clutch it sometimes makes a wierd chattering sound . Other than that it works great

wanna elaborate on this mod. my clutch definately seems like it slips on the street. i don't notice it much in the dirt. but if all i gotta do is add an extra plate then i am all over it.

wanna elaborate on this mod... mine feels like it slips on the street. i don't really notice it much in the dirt but if all i gotta do is add a plate then i am all over it

Thanks fellas,

The clutch lever has always been nearly all the way out before take-up, right from new and only a small amount of pressure would start to disengage. I've got 17,000 klms on her now and it is slipping, usually noticed when a shifting heavilly into top. Another thing I just noticed is the clutch cable is nearly abraded right through because the angle of the bracket is wrong (where it feeds to the arm), easily bent to fit right, either in a vice or in-situ using a large shifter.


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