06 450 exhaust cam in a 00 400

Will the 06 exhaust cam work in a 00 wr400? I want the auto decompression.

Hey Mike you need to put a pic of your bike there for the Avitar man...

Is that better?

Yeah. Much, show er off by......

Anyone know if this 06 cam will fit the older 400 ??? anyone?? he wants auto decompression.

Why an 06 cam and not an 03, surely that'd be a cheaper option? Anything different on the 06 exhaust cam to the 03? timing perhaps? lift? duration? :thumbsup::ride:


oops sorry. I just re-read your post and you say "this" 06 cam, so i presume you already have it..... doh! silly me.. ignore my past comment, i'll go back to smokin my funny fag and stop trying to misconstrue this post :applause:

Because I have an 03 WR cam and my buddy here wants it if it will fit........ Anyone?

Yer the 03 / 04 WR and YZ auto decomp cam will fit the 400 / 426 ....with the usual proviso that the timing marks dont line up and the cam chain doesnt sit right down on the sprocket :thumbsup:

But the question is will an 06 WR450 Cam fit a 2000 WR400 ???

But the question is will an 06 WR450 Cam fit a 2000 WR400 ???

It should fit just like the 04ish yz cam I have in my '00Wr.

Most guys use the YZ cam for better power but I can imagine why the 06 wr cam would not fit.

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