sticky edelbrock

has anyone with a 650r edelbrock ever had the slide stick? mine hangs up just over idle if the throttle is let off slowly. a little lite spray oil on the slide curred the problem but i believe slides should run perfectly smooth dry.

any help would be great


There are a several things to watch for:

1- The routing of the cables. Never let the cables drop below the tank mount. they must always be channeled above the tank mount.

2- The edelbrock throttle cables stretch a lot. Do not allow excess slack or the cable will hang and not allow smooth acceleration off idle.

3- Also be careful not to set the needle or pump squirt too lean, which will make the off idle erratic, jerky.

Thanks! but my problem is the slide, i also disconnected the pump to make sure

Thanks! but my problem is the slide, i also disconnected the pump to make sure

Did you pull the carb off the bike? If it is the slide you may have some crud in it or parts that are wore out. The reason I mentioned the cable slack is that it mimics a sticking slide. Pull the cable off and and check for slide sticking.

I have found that the blade type return spring inside the carb which is connected to the slide can be a problem. The 650 has so much vacuum with the throttle off that the slide tends to stick. I had the same sticky slide situation on two different Edelbrocks and the mentioned spring was the cause. In both cases, Edelbrock sent me heavier springs. Give them a call, they are happy to help you out.

I had this same problem witt my quicksilver on my 400ex(bought used from ebay). You look like an idiot blipping your throttle to get it to you are some pit racer. Mine would even open up from idle after sitting for 5-10 seconds. I spoke with edelbrorck several times, sent it back for them to look at it twice, and still it always hung right above idle. Anyway, it would never hang with the carb out, so they would tell me it is fine, but with engine vacuum, the slide would stick. They ended up giving me a heavier spring that seemed to help, but it never cured it. I ended up selling it and appreciating my stock carb.

I do have a couple ideas for you though. Like already mentioned, check your cable and lube the hell out of it. Also check the cable where it hits the wheel on the side of the carb. Mine didnt seem like it was right. I have a couple pictures if you would like to see them.


I did check my cables and they are clean and smooth,also cleaned entire carb while it was out. the same thing you guys experienced it only hangs with engine idle vacuum i placed a small rubber block on the body of the carb and put the outer throttle return spring on it to give it about 8mm more tension. How does the blade return spring work? i just though it was the slide pull didn't realize it was a spring. so that blade spring pulls the slide back and away from the vacuum correct? so a stronger spring should pull back on the slide at the bottom and help it return.

thanx guys nice to know I'm not the only one. its a small price to pay for this bad ass carb though

The blade spring does double duty as the slide pull and also pushes the slide closed. If the blade is weak, it can buckle slightly when trying to push the slide down, slide does not return completely. The 1st one I had trouble with, the blade was actually wearing thin in the vertical center due to a casting line on the wheel that is attached to. I removed the wheel and filed the casting mark off. Other Edelbrocks that I have worked on did not have the casting line flaw.

+1 on the stiffer spring. Thats what I did.


Where did you get the new spring from? Thanks, Tony

Edelbrock is great! told them my problem and they are shipping me a stiffer spring, just like that! thats customer service baby!

That is great information guys. I will add it to mt Edelbrock notes. I too thank you.

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