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My 2007 KDX 450 explained...

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Over in "General" there's a thread about "Best 2007 Off-Road 450...here's what my answer is:

My recipe for "Off-Road" in '07:

2007 KX450F

IMS Tank

IMS Pro-Pegs (Steel)

50 Tooth Vortex Sprocket

RK O-Ring

18" Black Excell Rear Rim and Front 21"

Suspension by ENZO

Applied Clamps

Renthal 999 Fatty



SDG Seat/Stepped

DRD Pipe/Sometimes Yosh (Dez)

DRD Hour-Meter

CDG Carbon Protection for all the Unders...

Michelins (BIB in the Front in the Dez)

No Toil Filter

Graphics by DeCal Works

Sunoco 100

Pretty much just an off-road version of my MX bike.

I'll be makin' my own KDX450, for the most part.

Why? I absolutely love the Chassis/Suspension.

It's like that model was made for me...5'9"...Mr. "Average".

Those of you that know me proll'y know I'm a dyed in the wool KX rider. They fit me. They have since the whole thing started in '82...when Kawi got serious.

The nice thing?

I'll still have the KX/SR500s around for the Long-Dez stuff...still can't beat the K5 in the long haul!

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why Sunoco 100? it wont run on pump?

how about a Rekluse clutch or E-line lighty kit.

Good points:

The Sunoco 100 is consistent and meets/exceeds any demand the motor puts on it. I can't say the same for most pump gas. Also, I'll often mix it 1:1 w/pump-premium.

I don't like the Rekluse...doesn't do anything for me.

I just add a coil to the stock set-up.

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what company makes the coil u use? i wouldn't mind getting a light, but the only company i know of is E-line and they're things are pricy.

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