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Still havin carb issues!

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Problem is this:

At lower speeds when technical riding unless I keep my revs up I get an annoying hesitation/poping when trying to accelerate that can cause a stall. This typically happens more as the bike gets hotter 240-260deg. range.

I ride normally at elevations from sea level to 2000ft

Bike is an 03 xr 250


My plug color is black no tan at all but it isn't wet.

Fuel screw is 1.25 turns out (any higher hesitation gets worse)

Jetting is stock 45 p 132 m needle stock 3rd clip


Airbox snorkel out

Highflow filter cage moose racing filter

I am thinking I am too rich and need a 42 pilot. A honda mechanic thinks the opposite and thinks 48 pilot. ??

Anyone with similar issues or a thought on how to correct this?

Oh and starting when cold isn't too bad but when hot it can be a real beast!

Other than the carb on this bike... It is the best bike I have ever had! The thing just keeps on going and going! :thumbsup:

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I agree with your thinking. A rich pilot will cause hard starting when hot. I'd go for the 42 pilot as well.

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Thought I would give some initial results with a 42 pilot jet:

It starts 1st kick with no effort! :ride: ...that never happened before! I have just put the jet in and set the fuel screw 2 turns out. The bike now wheelies in second gear with stock gearing! Another 1st! :thumbsup:

I will be taking it out tomorrow to get the bike warmed up properly and finalize my adjustments. I am keeping my fingers crossed everthing is good.

I will post my results for those with interest and/or similar issues.

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