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Who are the pro offroad polititians?

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Who are the political leaders in our state that support our sport and how can I contact them?

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I don't have the list handy but I do have an e-mail I recieved from Dave Hiatt yesterday. If you want to get involved this is a good way to do it. Contact any of the Board members listed at the bottom and they will answer your question. Hope this helps.

Below is a copy and paste of an e-mail I recieved from Dave Hiatt. Just to be clear this time. I am NOT Dave Hiatt nor am I pretending to be.

This email is going to all of those who were invited to the meetings that created the WA OHV Alliance (WOHVA) earlier this year to represent all 4WD, ATV and Off Highway Motorcycle (OHM) interests in WA State..

WOHVA is very short of the one thing it takes to make an organization like this successful and that is PEOPLE who will spend time making things happen!

The only really active committee appears to be the the Board of Directors at this time.

The Board of Directors were assigned responsibility for setting WOHVA direction and to provide approval for actions decided on by the various committees. There is just one big problem, we do not have enough active committee members at this time!

Four committees were formed at the same time as WOHVA. Membership, Communication, Land Action and Political Action. Your Board of Directors has been working hard to accomplish their goals of creating Standard Operating Procedures, incorporation, banking and setting WOHVA direction and goals. We just don't have any active committees working on things like Membership, Communication, Land Action and Political Action!

Here is a short list of things that need to be done by committee (interim committee member names listed) -

Communications - (Interim members were) Ron Dunn Jr., John Eaton (now BOD), Tom Fite (now BOD liaison), Jeff Forville, Karen Hills, Kathy Heitmann, Dave Hiatt (now BOD)

5/26/06 - Actual distribution of the BOD minutes will be a duty of the Communication Committee after that committee’s liaison BOD member receives the minutes from the Secretary.

6/2/06 - get the Oct meeting notice on the WOHVA website with information from the Communication and Membership committees to fill in the details. 7/27/06 STATUS = INCOMPLETE at this time pending Communication Committee action

6/26/06 - WOHVA artwork ideas so we could have decals, etc. make for WOHVA.

7/27/06 - getting notification out to people for the WOHVA general membership meeting in October needs immediate action. BOD will review and approve draft of the October 1, 2006 WOHVA general membership meeting notice and agenda when drafted by this committee. It was agreed that the NOHVCC created format from the Mar 5, 2006 meeting should be used as a template for the Oct 1, meeting notice and agenda.

7/27/06 - It was also suggested that a PowerPoint show be created for display during the meeting preliminaries that informs all attendees of WOHVA’s actions during the prior year.

7/27/06 - General discussion occurred regarding the need for WOHVA publicity. Ideas discussed included newspaper ads, non-profit news articles press releases (including the one already drafted about creation of WOHVA), website links and reciprocal links, brochure, etc.

Fulfilling the need for WOHVA publicity was delegated to the Communications Committee as an action item.

7/27/06 - A motion was made and approved that WOHVA purchase and staff a display booth at the Nov 3 & 4, 2006 WA State Trails Conference in Yakima, WA. Details TBD later.

Membership - (Interim members were) Bill Cameron, Vicki Gray, Roy Heitmann, Lori Jordan, Kevin McGrath, Tim Myers, Dave Overfield, Byron Stuck (now BOD liaison), Brian Walker

6/22/06 - idea of having a statewide OHV EXPO with 4WD/ATV/OHM (demonstration or competition with emphasis on drawing spectators/vendors) event all at once at Straddleline to raise awareness, membership, activists and funding for WOHVA. See COHVCO Vehicle Expo article, Blue Ribbon magazine, July 2006 issue.

7/27/06 - Elkins is providing information to Byron on a sublet company (Club Express) that handles the membership duties very well for another organization he belongs to.

Political Action - (Interim members were) Rick Dahl (now BOD), Ed Bushnell (now BOD), Lance Cornell, John Eaton (now BOD), Marcus Erickson, Dave Hiatt (now BOD liaison), Karen Hills, Heidi Loukides, Bonnie Nettin, Dale Williams

5/26/06 - A motion was made, seconded, discussed and passed that the primary 2006 goal of the Political Action Committee is, “To develop and maintain local WOHVA contacts with elected representatives.”

5/26/05 - Rick Dahl brought a request from the NMA that WOHVA have a representative from the Political Action Committee attend NMA meetings to provide information to the NMA on those issues. We will need a volunteer from the Political Action Committee if this is going to be done.

7/27/06 - Ed Bushnell mentioned that a future legislative action item is to find a way to permit the purchase of an ORV sticker for use on an untitled ORV like Oregon already does. This would facilitate requiring all vehicles using Straddleline to display an ORV sticker. Many competition only machines do not have WA titles.

7/27/06 - local people in the Odessa area are trying to utilize HB 2617 to open County and City roads from private and BLM OHV areas for ingress and egress from downtown Odessa by non-street-legal OHVs. The people doing this have requested WOHVA political support via letters from OHV users to local business owners/operators and local politicians/administrators. A motion was made and approved that the WOHVA Political Action committee provides support as needed to help the local citizens achieve their goal.

Land Action - (Interim members were) Jim Cairns, Leroy Harwood, Mark Halley, Dana Johnson, Gary Johnson, Les Leonard (BOD liaison RESIGNED), Erik Rasmussen, Jeff Williams

5/26/06 - A motion was made, seconded, discussed and passed that the primary 2006 goal of the Land Use Committee is, “To develop and maintain local WOHVA contacts with land management.”

7/27/06 - WOHVA USFS Travel Plan letter writing - letter templates that others can use. Many letter templates are now ready to go. Discussion took place on the need for the Land Action Committee to take the ball and run with this to get these letters personalized, printed and signed at events, club meetings, etc. so the maximum possible number of these Personal Letters get mailed by WOHVA to the USFS no later than our next WOHVA BOD meeting Aug 24, 2006.

NOTE - we have the opportunity to get hundreds of Personal Letters signed by attendees at the upcoming TTC Smuggler event Aug 18 & 19, 2006 but we need at least 6 volunteers to work this event and get this accomplished!

We need workers to help NOW!! Which part of this are YOU going to do? Please be sure to include your contact phone number with your reply.

You can contact me, Dave Hiatt, WOHVA Secretary, at (253) 536-4460 or email any/all of us.

Please contact us NOW and tell us which committee(s) you would like to be on.


Your Board of Directors -

Angie Marek ( classictvl@aol.com ); Byron Stuck ( nmatrust@hotmail.com ); Volunteer Dave Hiatt ( dhiatt@accessone.com ); District 27 Competition Manager Ed Bushnell ( ebush/bush@aol.com ); John Eaton ( dirtbike@hctc.com ); Richard Elkins ( elkins100@aol.com ); Rick Dahl ( rdahl@teleport.com ); ttfite@aol.com

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Senator Don Benton


I don't know about the whole sport but Don came to one our Jones Creek club meetings and helped us out and he rides :ride: I liked him enough to give him my vote :thumbsup:


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Russ, Al O'brien from Bothell has been positive to my concerns through the "clout" issues we have sent to him. a real nice guy that i met when he went door to door one year. all concerns emailed to him have been answered back that he would support off road opportunities ( and has voted so). I also HIGHLY recommend ALL of us join CLOUT as its just a simple email and then action. :thumbsup:


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I also HIGHLY recommend ALL of us join CLOUT as its just a simple email and then action. :thumbsup:


To join CLOUT just send an email to clout@hpgmc.com with the word “CLOUT” in the Subject line, along with your name and voting zip code in the text section of that email.

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Russ, I'm doing some searching now. Not sure on the state level yet, but on the federal level, I found the perfect site of candidates WHO NOT TO VOTE FOR at http://www.sierraclub.org/endorsements/2006/ and I may suggest voting for the opponent of the ones these clowns endorsed. I'm trying to find the sierra clubs local endorsements.

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Kirk Pearson


Dan Kristiansen


Both good guys representing an area that includes Reiter.

Dan and his family ride quads, but we like him anyway :ride:

Remember all the Washington State House of Representative members are up for reelection this fall. Support the ones that support our cause.

On the other side, there is Senator Mary Margaret Haugen, :thumbsup: chairman of the Senate Transportation committee and alway votes anti-ORV without exception.


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