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Drz 'S' jetting at a mile high ++

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I looked through the jetting database and couldn't find many 'S' entries for 5,000 feet and above that weren't ultra modified.

I have a 2002 'S' that is pretty much stock except for a billet end cap and the 3X3.

I have a 130 main, 22.5 pilot and the DJ needle on the 3rd clip with the extended fuel screw at 2.75 turns in there now.

The bike flat out rips down low, but seems to struggle a little on top, like it could have more and smoother power with the correct jet. Almost like it flattens out above 2/3 - 3/4 throttle. I live at 5,300' and ride up to 7,500' commonly.

It does seem like a different bike with the DJ needle I just have a feeling that there could be a little more up top.

Should I try a different main, pilot, clip position or all of the above?

Thanks! :thumbsup:

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