Finally I'm in the process of uncorking my '05 L.I've been reading past posts and noticed that many people advice is to go with the daves mods instead of buying a jetting kit.Seems like it would be cheaper and give better performance.I'll like to know wich jets to buy and where i can get them.My bike will be running with the stock pipe for now.Maybe I will get an aftermarket filter since the stock one (7kmiles)needs replacement and the stock retails for more if not the same price as an Uni filter.I'm open to any sugestions :thumbsup: .Thanks in advance.

Hi. I went with daves mods and am very pleased with the results. Heres my setup(1600' elevation):uni filter, needle shimmed to .024, 55 pilot, 158 main, and the mixture screw out 2.5 turns, airbox snorkel removed, stock pipe and the slide drilled. I purchased my jets here The main jets were priced a little high but they had the short pilots in stock so I ordered any way. A great place to find the shim washers for the needle is a rc car website or store. Buy some #6 or 10 flat washers. I don't know which ones will fit the best because I purchased these after I already did the mods. If I were you I'd buy a 55 and 58 pilot and a 158 and 160 main. If you pm me I'll give you my address. Just send me a self address stamped envelope and I'll send you some shim washers for nothing. One more thing I'd order the uni filter. The stock filter is garbage. Flubber

The shim washers I picked up are du-bro brand. They can be found at

Thanks for the reply :thumbsup: .I noticed that you mentioned 2 sizes for each jet,wich ones should i use?or it is a matter of trying both.I plan on installing an UNI filter and use the stock pipe.Most people appear to use the 55/158 combo.I ride mostly street and live at sea level.

I'd start with the 55 158 jets. Or even a 160 main. If its to rich you can always go smaller. I still have my 160 laying around I'm gonna try next week.

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