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Best option for aftermarket valves/springs/retainers ?

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Hey guys iv been browsing the various companys trying to figure out which valves and such to go with, heres a potential shopping list for each...

2x Stainless steel intake valves, KX250F 65$ a pair

2x stainless steel exhaust valves, KX250F 65$ a pair



1x KX250F spring kit, contains 4 springs, 4 retainers, 4 valve locks 265$

For a total of 395$ if shopping at Faction MX


WMR Competition Performance-



2x stainless steel Intake valves- 150$

2x stainless steel exhaust valves- 150$

1x four conical valve springs- 190$

1x 4 titanium valve retainers- 120$

Total- approx 610$ if shopping at WMR



there websites confused the hell out of me, if anyone could give me links to where id look at their valves/springs and such let me know?

Alright tell me what you guys think, thanks :thumbsup:

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go with the complete kibblewhite set up. valves and springs set it up as per the instructions and never look back!

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here is what you should do.

call ferrea, get 4 valves from them (about $130 for the 4). get the conical springs from wmr.

this has already been proven to be a good combo.

t4, kibble has had some *SERIOUS* issues of late. so much so that ferrea ended up replacing the kibbles for FREE as a extremely generous jesture. do a search, you'll find it.

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