Of course I wait until the night before a holiday to check my valves. Well I have two intake valves that are just out of spec at .076 The other is at .102 The exhaust are just in spec at .203

Intake .10 - .15

Exhaust .20 - .25

I'm planing a ride on Fri and of course I wont be able to get shims. Do any of you think it would be a bad thing to ride on two very close to out of spec valve clearances????? :):D

Hopefully you guys will agree with me that it wouldn't be a bad thing for one ride

This sucks


I think you are OK, Jason. I'd ride!

Kevin I was looking in the manual and it looks like I'm out of spec in the uncommon way because most of the shims are on the other side of being out of spec. Is this because my valves are getting looser instead of tightening?? HUH thats kind of odd.

I am glad someone agrees that I should go ahead with my ride. Its been planned for a while. :)

Actually the valve clearance is tighter . When a valve wears in these motors it has "cupping" wear on the valve face, this causes the valve clearance to get smaller. So go ahead and ride your a$$ off, until you get a high speed miss. It'll probably take another several months of hard riding till you need a shim. --------------------------------------------------------2001YZ426F -- 1996 XR650L :)

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