another stupid noob ? but I got to ask!

I've ran several searches and read quite a few threads but don't see any descriptions of how to adjust the rear pre-load on a new xr650L. I assume it has to be done with a spanner wrench or punch? Bust the lock nut loose then tighten up several turns on the other part to make it stiffer?

I assume it doesn't have the p.o.s. bolt system of a KLR?

Does it have a knob that you turn by hand for rebound or do you use an allen wrench to adjust it? Seems that none of the stealerships here in denver have an "L" in stock right now or I would have checked this out already.

I plan on buying an '07 whenever they get some in.

One last ?. I am 6'3" 300lbs. and am thinking of making the stealership adjust this for me before I ever ride off with it. (Besides I seem to be lacking proper tools at the moment.) Do I tell them to just crank it to the MAX it will go or can they actually adjust it to fit 300lbs.? I assume at my weight that maxed out will still be inadequate but the purchase of this bike pretty much leaves no $$$ for suspension improvements right now. I plan on doing quite a bit of off-roading with it. Sorry about the repeat ?'s you've seen asked on here a million times already :ride: but usually 2 or 3 replies saves hours of searching! THANKS! :thumbsup:

I'd say have them crank it to the max. It's not as good as the proper spring, but it's better than stock. I have the stock spring cranked to max on my xr600 and it made a big difference. I also added a click or 2 of compression damping. It really depends on what you will be doing with it.

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