2006 YZ450 Jetting and Handling Issues

I have a 2004 YZ450 and thinking about buying a 2006 that I found a deal on. Out of the box is the jetting and handling pretting good? I live in the St Louis area and Yamaha jetting is usually pretty close

I heard rumors that some people buy 22mm offset tripple clamps to improve cornering.



The 2006 Jetting is lean. Usually our other Yamaha's are fine too, but I had to richen up the '06. No big deal, just a $5 dollar 45 or 48 pilot jet. It also comes with 160, 165 (stock), and 170 main jets also, but no pilots.

The bike corners hard, I can't get enough of it, you don't even have to try to turn with this thing and you're dragging the bars through turns like it was nothing. This bike needs zero improvements on cornering.

Hope I helped.

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