Used KLX 250 at Dealer - how much should I pay?

Points taken XDrag Racer. Alright, I'm going to try again.

I would not pay $4000 for an 06 KLX 250 with 750 miles on it. I would tell that dealer "who dosen't sell Kawasakis" that there is currently a new 06 KLX 250, with a full warranty, on E-Bay, for $4399, and that there has been a string of 06 KLX 250s on E-Bay all summer long. Finding an 06 KLX 250 is not a problem for a patient man. I like the convience of avoiding the shipping hassel, but the unknown history of this bike, and the lack of a warranty means that it is only worth $3000 to me. The dealer will protest mightly; at which point I would offer my phone number and leave. There is probably only a 30% chance that he will call, but that's not a problem because there really has been a string of KLX 250s on e-bay all summer long.

Remember the tricked out KLX 250 ? I found my notes on it. Race Tech Gold valves $160, Mikuni carb $400, Pro Circuit T-4 pipe $375, hand guards $60, skid plate $70, Kenda tires $70 each, radiator braces $70. $1255 in extras, and his starting bid was $3800, and he did not get a single bid ! I watched similar things happen when I was selling my Harley last fall. I bet that the KLX 250 on e-bay right now will not get a single bid. Times are scary and tough. It's a buyer's market for houses, and motorcycles. "The stock of unsold homes reached its highest level since 1993." The Aug 26th THE ECONOMIST

There are now two brand new 06 KLX 250s on e-bay. The new listing has a Buy It Now price of $3800 !!!!!

Yesterday I called a dealer in Illinois about a 2000 KTM LC4 with 35 miles on it for $5600.

It was sold, but they do have a new 06 KLX 250. I left the Auto & RV buyers guide at the firehouse, but I will get it later today and post their phone number.

$3000 might seem like too low of an offer on the used KLX 250 with 700 miles and no warranty, but I think that a buyer needs to start low in order to have room to negotiate. A buyer also needs to be willing to walk away from a deal. There is no law that states a deal has to be completed in one visit. You plant the seed of a low offer and then wait to see what grows.

The above would be condesending advice if it was unsolicited; but the guy who started this thread asked directly for advice on price, and then gave the impression that he was having trouble with the negotiation.

The 2007 KLX 250 S model is all brand new, It is a dualsport bike not a dirt bike, though it will perform better than the KLR 250 it replaced. you will not find any Used 2007s on a dealers lot unless the poor kid just could not afford it as soon as he got home with it. The KLX 250 S was not made before 2007 that which you are referring to is a totally different model and a far more aggressive bike. you'll find many KLX 250 , 300 and many more variations available used they are not the same bike.

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