xr650r spedometer

what do you guys have on your steel legal bikes for spedometers? would a 650l dash unit work? i hate not nowing how fast im going. I know trailtech makes one as I have it on my quad, but curious if there is something better.



pismo ca.

I use a Garmin GPS mounted to the bars. It has a trip page that shows time of day, current speed etc.


Here's my set up.


This is the mount I made for it.


Here's the unit I bought off ebay with 0 miles on it. Brand new for $30. I'm not positive exactly what it came off, but think it may have been an older XL model.


Here's a clearer picture of it.


THAT ELECTROSPORT UNIT LOOKS PRETY GOOD. with the gps units do they have a mount that secures the unit so it cant get stolen at the supermarket parking lot?

thanks, matt

Yes, the speedo unit from an L will work. I like the L speedo but on my WR I have an ICO Dual Sport unit. They are bullet proof/water proof and idiot proof.




I think this service Honda speedo is the coolest. I like the fact that is has a tachometer. I peosoally use a Trail Tech, but it's pretty cheap. It works, but it's not very indestructable.

You can put pert near any japanese cable driven speedo/odo on and it will work fine. I'm using a very nice ATK unit that came with a bracket and keyed ignition that I bought off a guy on Ebay. very nice piece.

I've got the same ATK piece with the keyed switch. Very nice. Plus it's backlit for night riding. I've heard they're no longer available. Is that true? If you decide on one be careful when mounting it. The speedo cable will bend too sharply when you mount it if you do not leave the mounting nuts to the speedo a bit loose on the rubber dampers. I went overboard & tightened them before mounting it which cause the cable to bind & sent the speedo reading all over the place. Once I loosed the nyloc washers under the speedo & gently pried the bracket upwards a bit everything works perfectly. Another nice feature is there is enough room on the bracket to mount the high beam indicator light from the BD DSK between the keyed switch & the speedo. Just drill a 31/64" hole & the light fits tightly. I ended up breaking the little tabs on the light when removing it from the little bracket from the DSK, so once I inserted it in the new location I just pressed a 1/2" grommet on from underneath & put a small zip-tie in the groove in the grommet & all is well.

I had a TrailTech Endurance for 4 years and it worked great without any problems. There were only 2 things I didn't like about it. It didn't have a constant backlight and you had to stop moving to adjust the mileage up or down. I just recently switched to the TrailTech Lynx because it has a constant backlight and you can adjust the mileage on the fly.

Bajadesigns speedo and GPS:


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