handle bars a tweaked

i just had a crash today by using my front brake to much and the front just slid out becuz of the slippery grass. I didn't really bend the bars but the front tire is going to the left a little bit and the bars are going to the right and the front number plate and front fender are going straight. how can i fix it??? loosen the fork clamps??

loosen the lower triple trees, then you will have some play left and right with your front wheel.

Get it as centered as you can by eye then tourque it all down to spec and try it, it still may feel crooked but you have to keep adjusting and fine tuning.

It might take a few tries to get it perfect.

you can start by aligning it with your front fender witch SHOULD give you a pretty close ballpark IF your fender is straight.

good luck


Loosen upper and lower triple clamps plus right side axle pinch bolts. Untweak the triple clamps by holding tire between legs and twisting handlebar until both fork tubes are perfectly parallel when viewed from the side.

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