Tweaked front end

i just crashed by using my front brake for a split second on dry grass and is slid out. The handle bars arn't bent. The front tire is pointed to the left and the bars are pointed to the right and then my front number plate and front fender are looking to be straight. how can i fix it?? lossen the fork clamps??

this is kind of getto but you can just push over to a tree or a post and turn your bars to bang the fron of the wheel against the post/tree to straighten them back out. Thats the easiest way, but you could also loosen the fork claming bolts.

You might try putting your bike on a stand and loosening your triple clamp bolts and axle pinch bolts and then spin your wheel and hit the front brakes it might straighten everything out for you.


Why does this keep occurring?

because thats' the way dirt bikes are built. so when you do crash which is almost a sure thing. you can just loosen everything and straighten it up. if everything was really tight(which it shouldn't be) you would be buying new forks,tripleclamps, and bars everytime you hit the ground. this way is much cheaper. when everything is torqued right it will not be loose but then if you are involved in a big yard sale on the bike, most things will give instead of breaking..

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