Trailtech endurance problems

I just installed a traitech endurance computer on my wr and it's reading double what it should. I have the wheel size set at 2205, but to get it to read correctly I need to go to 4410. It won't let me go past 3999. Any ideas on what could be going on?

I had the very same problem a while back with double readings and after contacting Trailtech (coz i thought it was duff?) they told me that if the magnet on the rotor passes the pick-up in the centre it WILL give strange readings. I moved the sensor further away so that the end of the pick-up now passes across the centre of the magnet but not covering it entirely as the wheel rotates. picture a half eclipse of the sun sort of thing? I am not certain but from what i remember, trailtech said there are 2 pickups and not one centrally, but don't quote me on that. if you look closely at the pickup, there appears to be 2 small circular marks which would indicate 2 pickups, maybe this is why they are very sensitive? anyway, hope this helps?

Mike, It's James. How's everything going with the bike? My Trailtech is set at 2205. Yours should be set at the same. Give me a call if your still having problems.


Stranglersfan is right. Reposition your sensor a small amount and you should be good to go :thumbsup:

I had the same problem a couple of months ago too. An email response from Trailtech instructed me to program in half the diameter so instead of 2205 I used 1102. Worked perfect! Oh yeah, I also moved the sensor as far as I could but it did not make any difference. Good luck.

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