Oil Filter On 06

Just curious how often you guys change your oil filter up? I have been changing it every other oil change but wonder if it would be a bad thing to go every third oil change? Are any of you guys using the filter from a YZ426? I noticed that on the 450 filter box it says it works for the 426 as well, but on the 426 box it doesn't say it works for the 450 :thumbsup: Only reason I mention it, because the 426 filter can be cleaned a few times and it might be money better spent if its ok in the 450.

I change my oil every other ride and my oil filter every other oil change. No problems so far.

Not sure about the interchangability of the 426 oil filter and the 450 oil filter but if you can use a 450 oil filter on a 426 then you can probably use a 426 oil filter on a 450. You could always buy one of each and put them side by side to see if there is any difference.


The filter looks like it would fit with no trouble.... I just wonder if maybe it has a different flow rate or something.

i do the filter every time i do the oil. seems kind of stupid to put new oil in with a dirty filter. if the filter gets plugged up with clutch material, new oil wont help the engine last when the filter is full of crap. i'm just not willing to take the chance on not changing a $6 dollar filter on my $7000.dollar machine. it just doesn't take that much longer to put in a new one...

Oil- Every ride

Oil Filter- Every other

I use paper filters BTW. Some people will say leaving the oil filter in with new oil is bad, but I been doing it since I bought the bike (50 hours on the bike), and it's completely fine. I don't notice any metal shavings in my filter either, not one...just the regular small particles of paper/hair from the filter.

I can't see it needing changed every ride... thats a waste. I bet I'm on my 20th filter now and having seen one spec of anything on the filter yet. Kind of weird, because my 426 used to shed lots of crap on the filter.

I have been a 03+ YZF filter on my bike because the Hiflo paper filters were cheaper and I could just throw it away after I was done. But ncrmountain(sp?, I forgot his name) said on his 05 YZ450F he noticed measured the oil 15 degrees lower using a 426 filter. But the 426 doesn't filter filter as good as a 450 filter does, but owell I'm switching.

But yes all YZF's filters are interchangeable or at least with the 01-05 YZ250F's and 1998-2005 YZF400-426-450.

Also for anyone with a paper filter, you will not be able to see any metal particles, switch to a 426 filter and I bet you will see some.

What do you guys clean your brass 02-98 filters with? I used to use carb cleaner and it used to make the material all krinkly, so what should I use?

What do you guys clean your brass 02-98 filters with? I used to use carb cleaner and it used to make the material all krinkly, so what should I use?

The 400 filter is reusable stock? :thumbsup:

I haven't had my 400 very long, and I have done 3 oil changes on it. So the next one I will have to clean the filter...Or buy a new paper one...

I buy K&N oil filters through rocky mountain mc and the 06 # is different (141 I think), vs. my 99 400 or my buddies 426 (#142). They look similar.

I use a Scotts stainless filter, and clean it with every oil change. In spite of the high up front cost, the filters on my older two bikes now cost me nothing to change, as they have paid for themselves. In fact, they have paid for the new one I bought for my '06.

Aside from that, it's a better filter than anyone's paper filter, and more than twice as good as the OEM brass types.

Read More on this Here

I also have a Scotts and clean it every oil change.

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