More Questions... How do I change the sparkplug in a 06?

The plug cap hits the frame! What is the deal??? How to I get that :ride: thing out? :thumbsup:

If you have not removed the tank yet, you need to. Then just rotate the cap so the plug in faces the rear, and it will slide right up and out.


You don't need to remove the tank, just unplug the wire, pull the Ignition coil assembly out, then pop you're spark plug wrench in there, use some pliers to break it loose, then just unscrew it...


I had the same problem on my 06 YZ450F. I thought taking the tank off was a waste of time, so I took a metal file and rounded the stock spark plug wrench at the hinge. When I filed it down to make a U shape on the lower (outside piece) to match the arc of movement of the top piece (inside piece)(I also rounded the bottom of the inside piece slightly), it allowed just enough room for me to slide the plug and wrench out . It is made out of very soft metal and it only took a few few minutes to file the square edges down. There is a sweet spot as you pull it up and forward. It took me a few tries to find it, but it works like a champ.


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