Petition for the XR650R

I think if an ACTIVE moderator of this forum, would rename the titles in each thread as needed (not censoring...just inserting XR600, XR650R, XR650L) Then the community at large would be MUCH happier and wastle less time reading what they dont wish to open.

I dont own an R and I am very happy with my modified L. But i do read most R threads to learn more about the sport I am active in. Its good to know things in life so you can help friends and others when they are in need.

Properly titled threads would eliminate %99 of headaches...just get a Moderator doing the work to make everyone happy.


Ya know, I've read alot of stupid, worthless BS on this site.

This thread is, by far, the stupidest.

Who gives a rat's ass what other people ride.

Get off your computer & ride more often, maybe you'll understand...

I agree! :thumbsup:

I own both so does that mean I dont get along with myself?

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