Any one with info on riding in Utah?

I've heard rumors of great riding in Utah, any body with some suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Pie Man,

MOAB!!! :)

There is nothing like it in the U.S.

I'm sure all those at the TTalk rally will agree that Moab is the place. Been there 8 times and it gets better every time.

Team Oatmeal Pie,

There are numerous places to ride in utah. I grew up there, but the navy keeps me from getting home a lot, however there are a lot of great places to ride, depending on what you would like to do. I personally have never ridden moab, but from what I hear it is awsome, I have ridden the San Rafael swell and it is awesome as well. Every year they have a national Desert race out by Delta and sand mountain. There are numereous trails and places to ride, I suggest staying away from sand mountain because there are too many people unless you go during the week. It is getting to cold to ride in the mountains. I hope this helps, and if you want specific directions or more help email me at

In Moab there is a great tour operator for bikes only, called "Elite tours". They advertise in the back of the dirt bike mags. I spent two days riding with these guys, there great. They will take you to some great places in the Moab area. Also go to Slick Rock park on your own, it's amazing. Spend part of the day riding the slick rock trail, sandstone marked trail above the Colorado river.

ELITE TOURS , the owners name is Dale, great guy , they have packages,bikes, equipment, food. also check out Moab Chiropractic,Dr. Chris Dutton, very helpful and a pretty good rider .


Would San Rafeal Swell be a good ride in the winter? I wouldnt hesitate to head out to Fruita, CO (just west of Grand Junction) in Dec/Jan or Moab for that matter...but I didnt know how high of elevation this place is. I know there's a few places in Fruita (4500 ft?) that can be impassable in the winter, but most of it's pretty good. Is it comparable to Fruita?

Let me I'm trying to put together a Jan trip out that way and would be psyched to check out some new terrain...


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San Rafael is a bit chilly this time of year, but do-able. We ride on occasion during the winter months hoping for warmer days but bundled up. The Swell is absolutely incredible. We usually ride for days without seeing anyone else. If you are planning a trip let me know and we'll point you in the right direction.


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I spent some time in Utah riding on the WR400 this past summer. I try and make the trip up there from here in Texas once a year, helps that the in-laws live there, drop off the wife and kids and I go riding, that way everyone looks forward to the trip.

I spent a few days riding the San Rafael Swell. For two hard days of riding we never saw another person. Totally our land. We got some maps from the BLM, very detailed, showed trails, We even got lost good thing I brought a GPS. The maps were so detailed we figured where we were from the long and lat on the GPS. We made it out of there. It was late July so it was hot, carry lots of water.

My buddy and I are already starting the plans for riding there next summer. Plan to go to the same area, maybe a little South.

Check out these:

Do a search for San Rafeal Swell in Utah, tons of information. Of course there is also Moab. Next year we area planning on going in the Temple Mountain area (South of San Rafael and North of Moab).

We have also spent time on the Wasatch mountains, South end and North end. I took a guy with me once who grew up in the area, and all he could say was "Man I never knew this was here." Also some trails West of the Great Salt Lake. Take I-70 west of SLC to Delle (only a gas station out there), on the north side of the Freeway. Did that one Two years ago. Lots of stuff to discover, just watch out for the Air Force range out there.

I have some picts if you want to see email me @

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