Leo Vince X3

Anyone have this pipe?? How does it work out for you?

They are awsome looking pipes. Go to the leo vince website and look at them. They seem to be pretty good quality pipes.

They sure are expensive though!Especially when you can get an american made system like MRD or Thunder alley for under $500.

The slip on is only 330

MRD and thunderalley whole system for under 500bucks!

Dr. D also has a full system for like $420...

Yeh but they don't perform as well or no where near as quiet as the Leo! Ran them on Burkharts Yzfs before he went to the factory SM team...I was real happy with the numbers. Tdub

Yes nice pipe. The alum slip on is 1.5 pounds heavier than OEM. Produces great power down low.

How does the Leo Vince do on top end?

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