Jetting 7000 to 10,000...650R

I find myself in Park City, UT this week with my 650R(uncorked).

Any jetting specs for stock carb would be appreciated. My search has yielded:

"65 - 160 - 3rd clip position - 2.5 turns out"

Sound right?

Also, I have access to an Edelbrock. How many clicks out are you mountain spodes running at, so I can start with a good baseline?


Hi Jack,

Stock carb.

Clip position recommended is 1-2.

The rest sounds good especially in sand where rich is good.

I was just up at Kennedy Meadows (California) and I was told we were at 7,500 to 9,000 feet. My 650 ran great without any jetting changes. Did all tight single track with many steep climbs and no problem at all.

Big singles aren;'t very picky to jetting but the rule of thumb I got per the Gurus at Sudco is 1 step leaner for every 3000 ft above sea level. I live at 7420, jetted for 5280 as thats where I work and the 96XR610R is just a little rich fringe area up at home. But I don't ride up there except for up and down the mouantain I also went to about 10,680 ft last month and the thing ran good, but I coulda gone to another step leaner set-up at THAT altitude!

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