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3x3 mod troubles DRZ400E

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Sorry to start yet another new thread but...

I have spent all day taking my bike apart and putting it back together trying to do the 3x3 mod.

I have:


stock pipe

stock filter

stock OBDXP needle in mid position

142 main

fuel screw 1 1/2 turns

My bike runs fine as standard but my plan was to do the 3x3 mod and get this magical improvement everyone raves about.

I pulled the snorkel out, fitted a 162 main and set the fuel screw at 2 1/2 turns.

On a test ride the bike ran quite badly in mid and high revs, even kind of cutting out, so I lowered the clip on the needle from 4 to 5 slots.

On this test ride the bike was better but stuttered at high revs so I lowered the needle clip again. At this point the bike seemed fine until top revs where again it seemed to misfile/stutter.

I covered half the air intake with duct tape but it still felt the same.I removed the end plate on pipe and it was pretty much the same.

I would say the bike feels a little better at low pick up but I cant seem to do anything with the mid/ high end. It all feels worse than stock.

I have just put my bike back to stock again and it feels fine at all revs.


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the needle has nothing to do with happens at high rpm.

are sure you just werent hitting the rev limiter?

try a 155 main jet or use the 162 main jet again and try running with the air box door off.

you are just removing the snorkel in the intake hole right?your not cutting any exta holes?

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I have only removed the snorkel.

It doesnt seem like the rev limiter but I do understand what you mean...maybe it is running that much better and is reving free-er.

It just seems to run cleaner and crisper as stock, but it seemed to pull a little better with the mod. Its amazing how much the induction noise makes it hard to compare even though Im doing the same route each test ride.

I have a stock can...should I cut the centre out? Could that be choking it now ?

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Finally got round to having another go at playing with the 3x3 mod having set my bike back to standard to go for a proper ride this weekend.

I now believe you are correct about hitting the rev limiter, I analysed my normal riding when I put it back to stock and I never seem to rev out in 5th gear.

today I put it back to :

162 jet

45 pilot

2 1/2 turns fuel

5th clip on stock needle

It ran ok but worse than stock so I took the side panel off the air box and it runs significantly better, picking the wheel up in 3rd gear...so I assume I am running rich.

should I keep movng the needle clip up ? or what ? I assume I need to either get more air mixed or less fuel ?????


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