Broken spoke.

hey all.

Getting the bike ready for riding tomorrow, and found a broken spoke. The nipple broke in side the rim. Should I replace the whole set? I am getting ready to upgrade to slightly newer 450. No riding today because of a strippid out bolt on the oil filter cover. Had the dealer fix that today. ($115.00)ouch. Now the broken spoke. The bike has been well maintained, but I think it is starting to show its age.

The real bummer is that I am working out of town for a week and then home for a day and then gone another week. Looks like I will not even have time to fix the spoke for a coulple of weeks. Rant off.

You can buy a set of spokes, just replace the point in fixing what ain't broke.

Yamaha doesn't sell just one spoke and nipple. But Honda does, and its the same spoke as a CRF450.

I bought some spokes from, but they took FOREVER!!! Just replace the one if you are selling the bike.

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