NW Trail Thumpers Founders Meeting

Pizza place by the Vancouver Mall (Westfield Mall) @ 7pm.

We will elect officers, line up next years schedule and get started. Come and participate!

If you are unable to please email me and let me know if you have any suggestions...


Thanks Mike!

Are you starting a new club or gang? will you be hosting NMA or OMRA Events. Whats is your purpose and how many members do you think will sign up.

If you looking to start a motorcycle gang, let me know, as there are some old people down at the mall giving me some problems. And I could use some help. Just joking of course.

Yes, new club!

We already have a tentitive event! We are close to becomeing the new sponsor for the "world off road champoionship" series event in June @ washougal!

We hope to get lots of members.

Base don how bad all my riding bussies and various others we know have been bugging to have a independent club. I hope they come in droves.

At this meeting - we will be confirming elections. Discussing the World off road event. Working on getting a poker run and a fun run set up. We are also working very closely with the NMA to host one of their poker run events (Hopefully). Need to work on the website etc.

We also are organizing a family camping outing next year.

Anyway - please come out we have the whole back room reserved. Bring any and all that want to join.

BTW - We are organizing "TEAM THUMPER" our official race team for NMA events.

The address is 5016 NE Thurston Way

Phone # is 360-892-0450

See you there Thursday December 6th @ 7 PM

Oh, one more thing?

Sound off if your planning on coming! Trying to get a rough estimate!


Date Change!!! We have change the NW Trail Thumper meeting to TUESDAY DECEMBER 6TH! Still @ the same location (ROund Table Pizza - Vancouver Mall) still @ 7PM in the reserved room!

Please note the date change and come join us!

I Mean TUESDAY DECEMBER 4th, aaaahhhh... Long day! It's next Tuesday!!!

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