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XR75 Power prob & Clutch cable adjustment

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hi all!

i just joined up here hoping to further my knowledge on what i like most. Bikes.

I have a 1976 xr75 and when i replaced the dead coil with a universal one i finally got it started. But for some reason when i hit the throttle it will only rev up enough to get going in first gear. But it wont go fast enough to get into second. I recently had the head rebuilt and when i reassembled everything i made sure the timing and everything was right on. Could it be a carb, timing, ignition prob? Im all ears.

Another qestion is adjusting the clutch cable, i need to replace the old one. What i need to know is how tight the adjustment needs to be. Do i let there be some play in the cable or tighten it until right before it engages?

one last question is about the swingarm. How the hell do i get it off the frame? I tried putting a socket on the nut and it wont budge. Id like to get it apart so i can blast the frame and other components without damaging the rubber thats in there.



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