xr650r '00 turn signal relais, which one??

Hi there,

i'm from the netherlands and DS-ing mij xr650r. In Europe the BRP comes without blinkers but with cabling and switchgear installed.

Also without the relais. Can anyone advice me on which relais i can use?

For instance, what relais is used in Baja DS kits?

tnx for your advice.



Well, do you want small and unobtrusive signals or do you want large signals that can be seen from a mile. Whatever size you go with, I suggest you go with an LED light source to prevent excess drain on the battery (provided you have a battery) and for the fact that they will last about 100 times longer than a conventional bulb. If you choose to go with LED signals than you need to get an LED relay as a regular relay will not work. Baja designs does sell the correct relay, but it would probably be expensive for shipping and you can usually find them on ebay in the UK. As for me I went with small and unodtrusive LED signals.

Hi Sanderd

Your just the guy I need to ask this question!

I have been surfing the net the last few days and am checking out all 650R's for sale and came across a European version and was wondering :thumbsup: what all the differences are between that model and the American version, do you know?

I think I saw what looked like a L speedometer on the R but was hard to tell?

Do you have good pic's of yours showing the differences? I'm just real curious, that's all.


Hi Huffa2,

I also replied on your other post.

Someone put the shop maintenance manual on the internet in .pdf format:


When you read the specs it will show the differences.

There are three types of the xr650r:Europeas Direct sales,Australia,General Export. The Australian version is Dual Sport from factory, but poor elektrical output if i recall well, is also restricted.

so far i noticed:

Dual Sport ready wiring and stator (mine is fully wired, not sure if that's standard)

Better front light

Uncorked, thus different jetting.

if you want pictures, let me know from which details and i'll see what i can do.


forgot to mention: EU version comes with brake light switches on front and rear brake lever.




Hi Blome,

i bought a set of xr400 blinkers which are quite huge (ugly, also...)

need to do some customising on the rear to get them mounted on the subframe.

For economical reasons i stick to these bulbs for a while.

Btw. xr650r do not have batteries, but i plan to put one on for my GPS.

(again, like Baja DS kits)



" if you want pictures, let me know from which details and i'll see what i can do. "

I'd like to see a pic of the dash layout and handlebar switch control for blinkers, lights etc. Anything else that will show up that is different from ours also.

Why don't you get those cool blinkers in my other blinker post?

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