Front axle holder plate XR650R

I broke the top inside stud for the front axle holder plate. Is it safe to ride with only 3 nuts holding the axle plate in place. It broke at the outside of the plate so the plate is still sitting on 4 studs its just that only 3 have nuts on them.

Also, when I get the studs, all 4 with nuts will be ordered tomorrow, do those studs thread out. My 650R is a 2000 and I have never replaced them. I always torque everything to proper specs. I guess it just got tired.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks Iggy.

They are threaded in place. Pretty simple to replace so long as there's enough of the old stud left to grab hold of. The studs have a short threaded end & a long threaded end. Make sure the short threaded end is screwed into the fork. I use blue threadlocker on them.

Thanks Hypersthenos for the info. I can't get the studs before I leave on a ride through Newfound,Labrador,Quebec and back through Nova Scotia. Do you think it will be OK with the plate sitting on the 4 studs but only with 3 nuts. The stud that broke, broke off at the outside edge of the plate so there is lots of stud to get a hold of to get it out when the plate is off. Like I said the plate still sits on 4 studs.

What do you think?

Well, if you must you'll probably be alright, just be careful when tightening the side that has 1 stud left. I actually did this on my race bike & finished with no apparent problems. Just keep an eye on it. I would definitely change all 4 studs when you get the new ones. There is an arrow on the plate which points up when mounted. Tighten the top nuts first, then the bottom. Hand tighten the top ones, place your front wheel up against a wall & cycle the front forks a few times to center the axle then tighten everything up. Hope you have a torque wrench. They should be torqued to 9ft-lbs. If you break the other stud when torqueing to spec then at least you know if it's safe or not! If you have a bolt of the same size as the stud you can thread that in there too temporarily. If it's too long then thread a nut all the way on, screw in the bolt in & them tighten the nut up against the plate. That would be the best temporary fix for a worry free ride.

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