Clutch life span

How much use have you guys with 650r's gotten out of you clutches? my 03 650r is about 18 months old and my clutch is on its way out . there is no question i am very hard on it, I do tons of single track and always use the clutch to tame some of the power out of the beast when the going gets tough, but i still thought it would last at least 2 or 3 years. this is the first clutch I've ever done in on a dirt bike :thumbsup: , that said the next most powerful dirt bike I've ever owned was a yzf426. what should i expect to pay for a clutch kit?

Run double the amount of clutch lever free play as you would on your YZ. The 650R needs a lot of play. When the bikes first came out guys were burning plates quick 'till they learned the play issue.

You got 18 months, not to bad for riding mostly trails IMO. But the 650 has so much torque it can fry fast. "In" or "out" is what it likes, not slipping.

run an extra steel plate. the fibers can be in spec and it will still slip becuase the hub to pressure plate distance is too fix that by adding another plate...another of hondas screw ups on the brp.

do i just put a new plate beside another plate or do i add another fibre disk and plate? also what is the best clutch kit to buy if i need the go there? i was thinking EBC because they come with disks, plates, and springs

I just took my clutch apart and measured everything, it is all well within spec and there is no signs of heat damage or warped plates, actually its way better than i thought. i guess i need to add a plate. question is where is the best place to put it?

I always stick with oem parts. the extra metal plate will go in first. do a search for more info on the plate and judder spring.

Just add one extra steel plate as a spacer under the jutter plate and spring.


I just installed a Tusk clutch pack from and you have to remove the judder spring and judder spring washer for this clutch pack to work. I left the extra steel plate in and the clutch feels identical to the original. My son (who rides a yz125) roasted it in Colorado last year on one uphill trail.

thanks guy's! is one disk all thats needed or can i get greedy and add two?

Read the links but the answer is 1.

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