dumb question...

Hey all. I can't seem to get an answer out of any of the dealers here and I've never dealt w/ these before...but...there are a number of clutch perches out there that have a hot start lever on them. Does this relocate the hot start from the carb to the lever? Does it use a cable? or is this just for certain bikes that already have a hot start up there? It would be pretty convenient if I could get a cable for it, but like I said, I've never dealt w/ these before. Thanks.

the newer bikes have the hotstart on the handle bars. if yours is on the carb then i would leave it there unless someone else knows of a conversion. so you dont really need on if your hotstart is on the carb(never use my hotstart)

Hotstart don't work to well if you ask me, it did when I first bought the bike, but now when I take a fall and try to start it with hotstart it is still hard to start and takes more than a few kicks.

There is a conversion available. It's from Dr.D (Dubach Racing Development), and works well. It includes a thumb lever that replaces the brake perch clamp, and locates the lever on the throttle side, under the bar. It's very handy there. A well made assembly, too. We have one on my 250F.

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