looking at yz400 for 1300..deal or no deal

it has an fmf pipe. bored to 420. graphics and no more than 50 hours is 1300 a good deal on it i wanna buy it but not sure yet

yea thats a good deal if it is in good condition. you should be kinda worried cause sometimes bored bikes could have been done incorrectly or done by an amateur so make sure its good engine still and if you can run a compression check to make sure its putting a good amount of pressure out. but thats a good price for one.

Nate, I got mine for $1500.

That's a very good deal.

I paid $1300 for mine and it needed work. That's a great deal Buy it!!!

I paid 1450 for mine....and everything is in spec...and the engine pulls hard....the bike is in great mechanical shape...and the suspension was recently done by GPS racing.

I was surprised how well of shape this bike is when I got it and for the price.

It even came with a new front tire, almost new rear, and a fresh oil change.

go ahead, if the compression is out of wack sell it for 1500 to an unsuspecting buyer...

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