oil filter cover-stripped out allen head bolt, FIX??

I beleive this topic has been discussed although I can not locate the appropriate threads.

My case at the oil filter cover (bottom allen head bolt) is now stripped out from the metal particles that fall into the allenhead shoulder bolt threads. Although I clean this out thoroughly with contact cleaner, the threads inside the case are stripped out. What is the fix to this? A helicoil or replace the entire case. The hole from the oil filter cavity seems to have no function other than to drop metal onto the bolt threads. Has anyone plugged this hole? As you remove the allen head bolt the metal particals are ground into the threads of the case. Has anyone else had this issue or know what the fix is other than complete replacement? This is the first time this is happened to me after owning 4 426's. Any help will be appreciated.

Ty Davis taps and place a plug in the hole. Its in 101 race prep trick in last months Dirt Rider... Hope this helps!!!!


I see you live in Cumming. The guys at the Roswell Yamaha shop helped me out when I stripped out an oil drain bolt. I don't recall the specific steps. Was my first experience with them. The mechanics themselves are straight shooters and ride dirtbikes (most of them). I suggest you call and ask to speak to a mechanic.



Have you talked with Mark about your problem?

Call Me when you get a chance.

Bonzai :)

Mark fixed my YZF today with a "TimeCert"??? We had to take the case off, drill all threads out, insert the time cert. The stock 6mm allen head screws into this fitting. This is much better than the Helicoil. The Timecert is solid where as the helicoil is like a spring. This fitting covers the hole from the oil filter cavity. So, no more metal in the threads. I am going to fix my WR when the allenhead starts to feel notchy.

Good Deal...I've got to get to Woodstock so Mark can fix my Break Guard Cover retaing bolt hole that is also stripped....

Bonzai :)

We had to install the Time-sert in from the inside so the thread depth was right. The added benefit is the hole from the oil filter housing gets covered up permanently. No more metal shavings.

I'm thinking that the only reason that hole is there is to drain out the oil filter cavity before removing it. Your oil/filter changes will just be a little messier from now on. The Time-sert beats $170 for replacement of the whole crankcase cover.

When (not if but when, if my luck holds out :) ) it happens to me, now I'll know how to fix it :D .

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Does anyone have pictures of this problem/procedure? I'm having a hard time visualizing it.


Abuser, next time you do an oil change, you'll see two small holes in the bottom of the oil filter cavity near the end where the cover bolts on. The small hole on the left is the useless one that dumps metal shavings in the allen head bolt hole.

Don't know about a timecert, but I heilicoiled mine and I've had no problems since! It's been at least a year since I made the fix on my YZ. The problem with mine was Yamaha didn't machine the threads straight!


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