Scotts Stabilizer?

I have cr-mid protaper SE bars (they are the 7/8" ones with the crossbar) on a stock triple clamp. I also have a trail tech endurance with a billet mount. The bike is an 03 wr450.

I want to add the scott's damper but not sure if it will bolt on with my setup. I don't want to buy new bars and I don't want to raise them using the SUB mount. I'd prefer to NOT buy a new triple clamp.

Anyone have this setup? pics? ideas?


The stock triple clamp on the '03 will interfere with the post for the Scott's damper. One of the guys on this forum modified his triple clamp to clear the post, but it involves some serious metal removal around the steering stem area - you have to get rid of the square feature and then grind a bit more to guarantee clearance. If you do a search you might be able to find the thread. I think the guys name is "bigdirtrider" or something like that. Probably best to just suck it up and get the new triple clamp - it'll look a lot cleaner IMO.

IMO the new triple clamp with rubber mounted handle bar clamp is the best part of the mod rubber mounted pro tapes are great your hands will love you and at that point the stabilizer is just an added bonus. If you dont want to raise the bars much then get the regular mount not the sub mount. I know it is a lot of money but I feel it is the best mod that I have done.

I used a Scott's on my 03 WR450 with no problems. But yes, I did change the bar to an oversized and had Applied Clamps.

Other than that....

What about those fender mounted ones?

Yup, you gotta change clamps on the WR.

I went with the BRP upper clamps and the

sub mount Scott's stabilizer and it's awesome! :thumbsup:

Argh! I just bought these SE bars :ride: I wish I would have bought the whole kit with the fat bars and new clamp from Scott's.

Scott's said I can use my setup if I grind the lower triple clamp and have 39mm of clearance below the crossbar. It may be worth doing the whole kit though and selling the SE bars on ebay... :thumbsup:

Yah I had a set of pro tapers with adapters on my WR and went with the whole deal offered by BRP with upper clamps, bar clamps, stabilizer, and new

pro taper bars, and I'm gonna sell the old set of bars and adapters on e-bay

one of these days when I get around to it. :thumbsup:

Go for the BRP clamps with sub mount if you're tall, regular mounts if not. Can't miss with the Pro Tapers - they are just about un-bendable.

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