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These post 3*3 SM settings sound right ?

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Certainly a different bike now. As I did the exhaust, DJ kit and 3*3 over a number of weeks, there was no immediate difference but taken as a whole, it is much improved. Possibly a little rich, but I have always thought better rich than lean.

Now running:

Staintune pipe & header with baffle out

3*3 (actually 2.4*3.75)

25 pilot

2.5 turns (as a baseline)

DJ kit 3110

Needle clip in 3rd position down (seemed to improve surge at low throttle)

155 main

These sound about right ?

Anyone think the baffle in would make any differences ?


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I think you are pretty close. I am at sea level and full yoshi ti 3x3 25 pilot 155 main 2.5 fuel screw 2 needle. My only problem is it surges sometimes in the mid range at a steady speed like it is running out of gas. I tryed the 160 main to fix it and it did kind of but to much gas up top so it was flat. I am thinking of trying the 3 on needle to 2.5 on needle. to fix it

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