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engine help!

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I own a 2005 YZ250F. It was just rebuilt completely this winter. I went riding this weekend. On Saturday the bike ran fine, did a couple 20 minute moto's and then rode some pretty tight trails for about an hour. Today I go back and while I'm riding I notice the bike kind of stumbles down low as I'm rolling back on the throttle. I get curious so I ride the bike at idle then chop the throttle. It stutters and pops like crazy at this point. I take it back and put it on the stand while its still running and notice smoke running out of the oil overflow tube. I immediatly turn off the engine because I know something is up. After the bike cooled off I checked the radiator fluid and found not one drop of liquid in it! I let it slip on me to check it before I went riding. The strange thing is the bike has never drunk fluid before and yesterday on the trail it did not seem to be overheating at all. I also noticed that the bike has a bit more rattle to it than normal and it's extremly hard to start cold. You pretty much have to bump start it. I thought this might just be a spark plug but I changed it and the problem didn't go away. To make matters even worse, I found a piece of what looks to be some sort of metal ring (half of it is broken off) attatched to my magnetic drain plug. I need to check valve clearences again but I believe their may be a bigger problem than this. I change the oil and clean the air filter regularly as well as check valve clearances and this has all happened in a matter of a few days. Any idea as to what could be the problem? Thanks

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