For those of you that have re-routed your head vent higher than standard...

I ran my vent up behind the headlight. For the vent line, I used clear, flexible tygon tubing. After my ride last weekend, I noticed water droplets on the inside of my vent. This would be condensation from the hot engine vapors, that cooled after shutdown. There is NO WAY this water can fully drain out and will end up back in my engine...BAD JU-JU!

I will be installing a TEE fitting and subsequent tygon for this "drain" section of head vent. At the bottom of this line will be a PVC valve.

This will allow the condensation to drain during operation, yet still allow water free air into the engine when kicking her over while in hip deep water (if the airbox does not fill up with water, LIKE IT DID last week). Popped my cherry on fully drowning out my bike. Removed the tank & seat, drained the carb, flipped the bike upside down, pulled the plug, kicked her over to blow out the H2O. Put her back together and "Voila!!"

she started like a charm! :)

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Hey Kevin,I know another thing you might want to try, that may be easier.Route your vent into the airbox. That way you get the benefit of keeping your vent hose out of the water, and also getting a little bit of suction from the running engine to evacuate the crankcase. I did that mod to my WR and it worked well. Just a thought.


I put a T connection into the breather just below the pipe head connection, then ran the pipe under the tank & sits above the air box. This way if in deep water & stops, breaths through air box, & if upside down in water & water goes down pipe in air box, when stood up water doesn't drain into head - it goes down pipe to the 'T' connection & then to the floor via the original breather pipe.

I've done this on two WR's & works like a treat.


a friend of mine started is 250f with the vent line between his stand and his frame (thus blocking it off). it blew the valve cover seal's two half moons rite out.


I like that. Great Idea.

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