yz450 04 leaking oil from breather hose

went riding today and came home and found oil all over my left foot it came from the breather hose off the top of the engine have i done the rings as this has never happened before it not from being over full either as this was the third ride since the last oil change

I have a 2001 426 and mine does the same thing so does my uncles(same bike) if its just a little bit it is fine as far as I know its normal you might have too much oil in there and just didn't notice the leak before but it will still do it even if the oil level is perfect

The last time my son came in from a ride with oil all over his left foot, it was from a fork seal. The breather tube is almost directly below you foot while riding, and doesn't blow a lot of oil onto one's boot, usually. It threw us off for a while, because the leak was transient, and had stopped by the time we saw the oil.

My 04 yzf450 has blown a little oil through the breather since day one. It doesn't amount to much, but occasionally it does show up on my boot.

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