Kicstart kick back

I recently bought a Jetson exhaust system off ebay for my 1996 XR600, seems pretty nice came with a new CDI box and a set of jets. I mounted the pipe, put on the new CDI, and checked the jetting, removed the stock choke plate and fabricated a billet one. I went to start it and it wants to kick back,

it kicks back so much that I ended up with nine sticths in the back of my leg :applause: . has anyone else had this problem? it is like the new CDI moved the advance curve way up at startup. I did get the bike to start with blood running down my leg :ride: , and it seems to run really good. I had to change the way I start the bike , I normally roll it over to just past TDC, and give it the boot, now I have to roll a whole kickstart length past this or it will kick back? My wife was not pleased with having to go to emergency at 11:00 pm :thumbsup:

Friggin bummer! Put the stock CDI back on (duh) and see what it runs like, but have your wife start it!

Hey, I had the same kickback problem with my STOCK 87 XR600R, it didn't cut my leg but my boot was fatally wounded...LOL, the steel plate in the bottom of the boot bent like an upside down "U"

I too am having the same prob, I also changed my cdi and come to think of it, it all started after that, I have not hurt myself yet other than nearly collapsing the arches in my foot when it kicks back. Let me know if that stops with the stock cdi :thumbsup:

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