Hot start lever stuck....

My Brothers '03 WR450F's Hot Start lever is stuck open... Is there a quick fix for this, or is there a lot of disassembly required..

Bike runs fine, but I'm sure that it can't be good for it..



You can take it off but be careful of the plastic coupler they can be a pain in the a$$..... It may be a fusty cable too.

If it's the same as the 04, you just back the plunger out of the carb and lube it up and re-install. I lube my hot start plunger a couple times a year cause it does get sticky! :thumbsup:

The cables tend to get water in them from pressure washing, mine will freeze in the winter time when I drive over the mountains, the bars stick out above the cab of my truck and by time I get to eastern washington that Hot Start cable is frozen :thumbsup:

Its a piece of cake to take off but I HIGHLY recommend that you change the piece of crap plastic hot start carb nut with one of these Mine was stripped from the dealership monkeys so they gave me one off a new bike. It was already starting to show signs of losing threads :thumbsup: . I betcha that the plunger is siezed in the bore. Take it apart and lube it up with a dab of lithium grease.


Chief.... you'll be real lean.

Lean - that makes perfect sense why he was popping, and sputtering soo much...

I'll tell him, and maybe we can tear into it...


PS: Any Diagrams?

Done.... Easily fixed - a little WD40 and it unfroze - runs like a top now!

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