From 650L to R and R to L.

I have never seen a front tire so globbed up! I have seen muddier bikes but not front tire wise.

I wonder what they were disscussing there? Maybe he was asking if it is one down and four up ?

When it's 100º in Texas you got to do things slow, even riding in the mud. :thumbsup:

hey mudshark, where were those muddy road pics taken? looks an awful lot like they were taken close to wylie texas.....

Nice dirt roads to ride, lots of them too.

We ride up there from Frisco as often as we can.

The mud is called (I have since been told) "Black Gumbo" stickier than

your regular Texas clay. It does wash off pretty easy though.... if you

get to it before it dries up. :applause:

It only has that stickiness wile becoming wet and while drying out.

If it get wet enough it flings off pretty good… so I’ve been told.

I don’t think I’ll try it again :ride:

I love mud and slick conditions… but that stuff sucks.. well it had the better

of me :thumbsup:

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