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buying used bike

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I am in the market for my first bike ever, and probably looking at the drz400s. As I browse thru all the adds, there are many bikes with lots of good modifications such as exhaust and bigger tank, skid plates and all that.

My question is, is that a good thing for a first bike to get all this extra stuff, that you don't really know what it is and how it got there and the specs about them or should I just think great I don't have to think about that myself.

Hopefully, my question is not too unclear.

I found a 2000 drz400s converted to an "E" with the following (sorry for the long list) for $3200

-Dunlop D606's with MSR super heavy duty tubes

-Aftershocks suspension work

-Scotts triple top clamp

-Renthal Protaper

-Off road body work including IMS 3.9 Gal tank

-New front fender, handguards and tail light fom Acerbis

-Acerbis folding off raod mirror

-Trick off road collapsable turn signals front and rear (they wont break off when you crash)

-Pro-moto billet aluminum luggage rack

-Super bright halogen H4 headlight, with custom shut off switch to save power or for stealth mode

-Factory FX sticker kit, swing arm and seat cover

-Devol Baja Skid plate

-Acerbis Front disc gaurd

-Aluminum rear disc gaurd from Suzuki catalog

-Works connection radiator gaurds and frame gaurds

-Brand new scotts hand grips

-CFC engine covers (a must have for DRZ's)

-IMS foot pegs

-Brand spanking new Battery and Chain (like 25 miles new)

-Kinetech fuel mixture screw, essential for adjsuting idle mixture w/o tools in the middle of nowhere

-Dynojet stage 3 with uni filter/filter skinz (super clean I might add) and airbox mod

-Yoshimure off road pipe

-All smog equiptment removed and breather mod performed

-Factory Suzuki Kick start kit (makes it look like a DRZ400e)

-Brand new ported head wih new oversize valves, new guides, seats and seals all adjusted, machine work all professionally done.

-Fresh oil of course

Thanks for all your input, helps a lot!

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Sounds a bit expensive for a 2000 S to me. But a bike is worth exactly what someone will pay for it.


renthal doesn't make pro taper, answer does

E doesn't come with kickstart stock, only the K does

Who did the head work?

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Stay away from the 2000 and 2001 S models. You can find a prefectly good 2003 and up which will come with much better forks and shock.

As far as your original question, by buying a heavily modded bike with lots of aftermarket parts, you will be saving money -- maybe a lot of money -- over buying a less modded bike and do it yourself.

But modding the bike was how I learned about it and made it my own. Without this forum and doing all the mods I've done, the only thing I'd know about my bike is the color of the original plastic.

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My question is, is that a good thing for a first bike to get all this extra stuff,

the DRZ is a great bike, and extra stuff is good! the price seems a bit steep to me, happy hunting. :thumbsup:

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Congratulations on getting your first bike. This one is probably not for you, its older, heavily moded (not sure if its all done right) and sound expensive.

I walk away from this and get an 03 or better. If this is your first bike, a stock S is very good to learn with. Mods will come later as you build your confidence and get better. I always prefer to mod my own stuff.

I also have a 91 Ford F150 pickup with 200,000 miles on it and it runs perfect now. I replaced the old 302 at 180K. Now of course, I love the truck and wouldn't off it for more than $10,000. My point is that when people do all their own work they tend to think its worth more than it really is....

Good luck and it I see anything on ebay or around I will PM or post it for you.

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Mine is for sale:

03' KLX400 SR for sale...

This is the one year only KLX400 SR aka DR-Z 400 S in green.

It's needs to go but it doesn't have to.

I would like to get $4500.00 but may consider reasonable offers.

Yes it is street legal.

It has 80 something miles on it with a couple of small scratches on the front fender and left side number plate.

As you can see it has had a couple of bucks worth of mods done too...about $1600.00 worth.

Mods Done:

CNC case guards = $100.00

Baja Skid plate = $130.00

Renthal CR High bend Bars and mount = $130.00

1" Extended shifter = $40.00

Acerbis hand guards plus mounting kit = $95.00

IMS pro series foot pegs = $75.00

Down one tooth front sprocket and up two rear= $60.00

Dunlop 606s DOT tires & heavy duty tubes with metal stems= $350.00

Unibiker Radiator guards = $100.00

Suzuki tail rack = $86.00

FMF Ti 4 Muffler, Ti Power bomb head and mid pipe= $650.00

DJ jet kit = $100.00

I fabricated the ignition switch mount/relocation.

Clutch and kickstand ignition interrupts removed.

All stock parts will go with it.

Physical/Medical problems are the reason for selling.

It won't be parted out or stripped of mods.

It will sell like it is or it won't.

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I just closed a deal on my new used DRZ as well. I paid the same price for mine, but it is a California plated 2000 DRZ400E. The problem in California is that finding a street legal E model jacks the price up almost $1K. I was looking for a long time and found that the S models were following suite. This doesn't make much sense especially for the 00/01 S models. The E has a touch better suspension, Keihnin FCR carb, hotter cams, and larger head pipe. California specs have taken the mustard out of the S model. The S is mostly the same bike as the E, and people here will tell you how to spend the $$ to make it so.

If you need the California plate, buy a 2003 or newer S; or a 2000 to 2002 E with plate. The prices are rediculous when compared to other states. So hang in there the right deal will come along. Do your research here on TT the information is out there to help you make the right choice. Post your prospects and get feed back from people here, they really helped me.

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