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Questions rewarding EVS products.

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I have got a long history of sport related injuries that make riding a very painful activity for me.

I have very weak ankles and wrists, from several fractures and ligaments and tendons tears.

Also i have been diagnosed with bursitis a chronic knee problem that makes them swell a lot with any impact no matter how easy it might seem. I cant even get on my knees without experiencing pain.

So i am mad and tired of the cheap FOX gear. I hate their boots my ankle bent all the way using those from a low side. I can flex them without much resistance with little force applied with my hands.

And the raptor knee pads only provide protection against scrapping.

I was looking at the ankle supports from EVS.


Do you think they might help?

Or would just wearing Gaerne SG-10`s and some slip ons like these: http://www.evs-sports.com/products/product_details.asp?prodID=56 be okay?

If they felt to uncomfortable i would end up not using them. Also would they fit okay inside a Mx boot?

Wrist support:

Would these make a difference against not wearing anything?


There are some wrist braces there but I`m afraid that they might put extra stress on the arm bones when casing a jump.

I have very weak and thin wrists and I'm always hurting myself but I'm very scared of hurting them really bad when casing a jump.

Knee protection:

I was looking at these:


I need all the cushion some knee pads can provide.

I ain't looking for ligament protection. yet they seem to provide some support. I'm looking more for protection against repetitive hits that make my knees swell like oranges.

There`s also this one:


I live in Mexico so i can not get to try them on or anything but i need them to provide cushion from hits. A little support. And to be MX rideable. No matter how good protection they give if you just cant ride in them.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for any comment in advance.

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