XR650L Buzzing

Hey Gang, I just picked up a 1993 XR650L. Great bike, lots of fun and plenty of power. Here my big BUT :thumbsup: When I'm riding down the road the bike will buzz or vibrate. I can accelerate then back off the throttle quarter turn and it will smooth out. When the bike is out of gear (sitting still) you can feel the same buzz at mid to high RPM. Is this normal?

The bike is older with 12K mile. It has a Mikuni Carborator with stock exhaust. Could that be the problem?

I've searched the site and didn't find anyone with the same problem.

Thank you for help


Hard to say I had a 93 L and it seemed the same as all the 600Rs I had, if it seems bad you might try tightening all motor mounts and loosen the exhaust system bolts and retighten them.

Just going to remark on the obvious. Have you checked the clutch lever? It will vibrate in the perch & make that "buzzing" sound just as you have stated. Rest your fingers on the lever when revving the motor & see if it either doesn't happen or if it goes away...

my L does the same thing , clutch lever will buzz (for lack of better description)

Thank you, There is no "obvious" reasons for me. I did try tighting up the engine mounts. The gaurd on the front only had 2 of the 4 screws. I'll try the loosening and retighting the exhaust. It almost feels like there is a bad bearing. Does the engine have a bearing? I like to ride but I'm not a mechanic.

When I tested this bike my friend had his ('96 XR650L) there. One of our mutual friend's rode both bikes and he made the comment that the '96 felt fresher.

Keep the feedback coming,


For future searchers.... While messing with the Carburetor jetts this weekend, I started the bike and notice one of the engine mount bolts was loose. One I didn't see the first go around. It was actually rotating. I gave it a turn with the wrench and all is better.

Thank you for the help gang,

AJ :thumbsup:

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